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CHIME Training

What is Real Estate Marketing?

Real Estate marketing is doing everything, it's not one singular action that leads to massive leads and exponential growth of your business. Marketing is numbers and if the numbers match your effort, you will close more leads. Mailers, emails, social media, ads, blogging it is all MARKETING!

Who does your marketing for email?

Who's in charge of social media to appointments. 

Who's doing variation testing for your Facebook ads. 

Who's responsible for direct mail? 

Who’s responsible for following up on every lead? 

Who’s in charge of making things look pretty? 

If you're going to do this it's a ABT Culture. (Always be testing) (How many variations of an email do you send via newsletters?)

This answer may be YOU! This should not be the cause and you need to OUTSOURCE! Be the expert on appointments, be the expert on closing sales, and know your numbers. This is how you grow your agency to meet your annual sales goals.

Marketing advice to grow your business!

Below I have compiled a list of marketing items you should be currently doing or thinking about doing to grow your real estate business. You should only pick the top marketing ideas that will work for your business, selling proposition, and ideal target market. From there, calculate how much of your budget to allocate to each strategy. 

Have an updated website

Many consumers search the internet to investigate products and services before they buy. The website should show your listings and update them weekly. Everyone goes to your website now because the world is digital. Build out a blog and or use social media to generate stories, news.

Define your Brand Identity

All real estate agents and brokers are involved in the same type of business transaction: the purchase or sale of a property. Your brand identity needs to go further than simply letting would-be clients know that you specialize in either residential or commercial real estate negotiation. What is it that you do better than/differently from the rest of the agents and brokers in your area?

Build a Social Media presence

Facebook is a no-brainer and remains a staple of marketing for real estate agents. A big reason for this is that Facebook’s user demographics represent the target audience for any given real estate business age and income-wise. Social media can be hard for so many, from running ads to building organic content to post we can help you develop a winning digital strategy.

Some of our CHIME mockups!

Having your brand built and designed into your CHIME IDX website makes it that much more special for your clients to trust you when buying or selling a home.